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Moving a docker volume to a local path

2 minute read

Introduction The best way to host applications on your NAS or VPS is probably Docker. Or to be more precise docker-compose. Basically I use docker-compose to...

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Malware Analysis

RoboThiefClient - A Telegram session stealer

6 minute read

While scrolling through a Telegram group, I recently (late december 2019) found a tool that claimed to add fake followers to your Telegram channels. That was...

Analysis of a JSE malware

27 minute read

On Thursday the 15.08.2019, our company received a shady mail and due to a smart employee, we got hold of the malware sample and could analyze it right away....

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ZeroTier - A smart p2p VPN solution

17 minute read

Abstract / tl;dr ZeroTier is an open source, lightweight P2P VPN solution that helps you connect clients directly. It can be used for gaming, file sharing o...

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Telegram account hijacking via bots

3 minute read

Today a user contacted us in @BotTalk on Telegram. He wrote that his bot was sending “weird messages”. I had a short chat with him about it and it quickly tu...

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Using Telegram as Phishing backend

5 minute read

The amount of phishing has been increasing over the course of the last few years. The attackers use all kind of tricks and techniques for their phishing site...

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rexamine - Lightweight Regex Stream Matcher

10 minute read

My first contact with the Go programming language was somewhere around 2018. Some months later, I gained interest in the language and started thinking about ...

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